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Welcome to SimpleBreed, the revolutionary animal breeding software

We built it with a few years of development and we put out heart into it.

It is still in its test phase - so it has not been advertised - but italready works fine and is stable.
Dozens of breeders are already using it, about 2000 animals have been uploaded by users as of 11th Jun, 2020.

It is build in a way that it works for most of the animals.

Some functions and the benefits of using it:

  • You can rehome animals with it with easy (See „Available for rehoming” option)
  • Other statuses can be set for animals such as: Breeder, retired, rehomed, available for rehoming etc.
  • Others can see all the information about your animals (Default)
  • You can set any of your animals (or in fact all of your animals) hidden if you do not wish anyone to see them
  • The program builds family trees automatically. Example ->Click here to see (scroll page down) Here is a screenshot of it, too:

  • „Like” system (similar to the one of Facebook)
  • Test Pairing for inbreeding % (under refignment)
  • „Follow system” (you can follow anybody"s public animals, you will get notifications if any of its data changes)

You can chose the URL for your profile, such as this one: https://www.simplebreed.com/ratfriends

  • You can turn over an animal after selling it to another account / to another breeder and it still will show the full family tree
  • You can tag your animals just like on Instagram (If you, for example would like to let „Hamm” people know that you take your animals to Hamm, you can tag it as #Hamm . You can tag the morph or whatever you wish)
  • You can share all your animals with one link. Or just a selections of them. Like only the ones for sell, only the ones you still breed etc. Example for the ones for sell -> Click here to see
  • Messaging sysem among users
  • Free up to 50 animals
  • Very good pricing after 50 animals
  • Pedigee automatically generated by one click
  • Customizable pedigree

  • Notification system built in (You can set any future event to be done. Either once or recurring (daily, weekly etc.))
  • Shows litters / clutches of your animals. Example: Click here to see (Scroll page down)
  • Shows number of offsprings of your animals
  • You can create posts for your animals daily
  • Mobil app (development of it is in progress)
  • Many other features are to be included in the future as needed and wanted...
  • Can be integrated into website like so: Sample

Important: If you would like to upload spieces you cannot find in the system, please let us know, we will add that spieces so you and anyone else from there on can upload them.

Try it!

It is free up to 50 animals, so you have nothing to lose.

You will love it!

You can save many many hours just by having your animals in one system where you can manage them, sell them, show them and their information to anyone.

Others can see what you want them to, you can hide what you want to hide and you can very easily show any of your animals just by sending them a link.

Let us know if you have a question - Contact us

Please join the SimpleBreed Help Group on Facebook to ask for help: SimpleBreedHelp <- Click to see​​​

Also, we have here our very first video on how the system works. The video is 25 minutes long

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