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Welcome to SimpleBreed, the revolutionary animal breeding software!

Built with years of development and heart, while SimpleBreed is still in it's pilot phase, the program is stable and working well for the hundreds of users already utilizing it.

To date, over 4000 animals have been added to the SimpleBreed system!

Designed to work for most species of animals, functions and benefits of the program include:

  • Advertising available animals with ease (refer to the “Available For Rehoming” option)
  • Various status options for each animal including but not limited to Breeder, Retired, Pet-Only, Rehomed, Available For Rehoming, etc
  • Changeable privacy settings for each animal, choose whether to make each animal’s profile public or private (hidden from the public)
  • SimpleBreed automatically begins to build a family tree for each animal you add. Example ->Click here to see
  • SimpleBreed features Like, Follow, & hashtag systems similar to the ones seen on popular social media sites.
  • Compare potential pairings and linebreeding percentages using our Test Pairing feature.
    *Feature under refinement
  • A customizable URL for your breeder profile
  • Easily transfer animals between accounts without losing any information
  • Use a single link to share all of your animals or just a select group
    Example: use a single link to share just your animals currently available for rehoming Click here for an example
  • SimpleBreed provides private messaging system for all users
  • Try SimpleBreed for free! There is no charge for first 25 animals you create.
  • Reasonable pricing from the 26th animal and on - Click for subscription options
  • Customizable pedigree generated by one-click
  • Task system complete with notifications and the ability to choose one-time or recurring (daily, weekly, etc) events
  • SimpleBreed allows you to view each litter, clutch, etc an animal has produced as well as their total number of offspring. Click for examlpe
  • Create and share daily posts about your animals
  • Our matching mobile app is currently in development!
  • Additional features are being added as needed or requested
  • SimpleBreed can be integrated into other websites - Sample

Important: if SimpleBreed is missing a particular species, just let us know, & we will be happy to add it to the software for you.

Utilize SimpleBreed’s efficiency, & save hours of time by compiling all of your animals’ information into a single location where you can manage, advertise & share them with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Join the SimpleBreed Help Group on Facebook to reach out with any concerns you may have.

Still have questions? Contact us!

Check out the 25 minute long video below for a walkthrough on how to use SimpleBreed and get the most out of it's features! (A new, more detailed video coming soon!)

Try SimpleBreed today! Since the first 25 animals are free, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

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